Thank Goodness It’s…Monday?

I have never been so thankful for Monday to roll around. It wasn’t so much that my weekend was bad, but it was exhausting and backbreaking. I’ll keep my weekend recap post relatively short because 1) my weekend wasn’t overly exciting and 2) I’m tired and I have a headache. So here we go…!

Friday started off on the right note. Right after work, I had a massage scheduled. I love my therapist and she does a great job, especially on my back and shoulders, where I generally need it most. In my normal life, I sit at a desk most of the day, but with the house stuff in full force right now, my back hurts from my after work activities too!

Everyone was busy in the evening, so Lane and I did a couple small things at the house, then went home and watched some Person of Interest. It was nice, very uneventful, and just what I was wanting.

Saturday morning, they came and moved dirt around. This doesn’t sound at all exciting, but it was fun to watch. We had two huge dirt piles in our back yard from when they dug our house and they used every bit of it to fill it and level off our lot. I brought my nephew over to watch it all because what little boy doesn’t love tractors?

The rest of the day Lane and I worked at the house. It wasn’t anything groundbreaking, but we got alot of staining done, cleaned alot of stuff out of the house that we weren’t using anymore, etc.

Saturday evening we went to my nieces dance recital. Apparently she goes to a huge studio because it was 3.5 hours long! Lane and I pretty seriously contemplated ordering pizza to the auditorium. It was fun to watch, there were some amazing dancers and I loved watching all the little girls, they are so cute and did such a great job. One of our good friends was even sitting behind us, so we got in some unexpected friend time too. Always a win!

Only little kids are that flexible! Joking around before the recital!

Only little kids are that flexible! Joking around before the recital!

Sunday I started my day with a 16 mile run. It’s the longest I’ve gone in…? Probably since March? The run felt surprisingly good since it’s the longest I’ve run in so long!

After my run, I went back to the house (shocking, right?). And we worked until well after dark. Well, Lane did, I ran out of things to work on when he and my brother were working on putting in the wood floors. The floors look great (they’ll look better once I clean them!) and I’m excited to see the progress. I finished staining all of our trim, which I am super happy about and if I ever see another piece of trim, it will be too soon. And my dad got most of our doors hung also! It’s starting to really look like a home!


Wood Floor-1What didn’t I do this weekend…go see Me Before You. I’m really, really hoping to see it in the theaters, but I guess we will see what happens with house progress before we do fun things again.

Anyone go see Me Before You? Was it good? Ever had a weekend so exhausting you were excited for the weekend to end? Have you been to a dance recital recently?

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  • I really need y’all to get this house done so that I can stop feeling like such a slacker when I read your Monday blog post – hahaha! Seriously, though, it’s looking SO GOOD! I love the flooring! Me Before You was such a great book; I’m feeling apprehensive about the movie, so I think I’ll wait until later to watch it.

    • Haha! I was just telling Lane this weekend that I’m most excited for when we are done and I can spend a whole weekend doing NOTHING! I’m excited to be moved, not the actual moving part!

  • I have only been to one dance recital ever. My daughter was in dance a couple of years ago. I honestly could have went without most of it but the little kids. They were fun to watch!
    Glad your run felt good. I haven’t even run double digits since April…it seems like so long ago!

    • The little kids were so cute! There were some other good dancers for sure, but the little kids are what made it worth it! The run was good, but my feet were so sore all day after that! I can tell it had been awhile for me too!! Have a great day! 🙂

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