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Happy Friday! I hope you’re having a great week and that you’ve got some fun plans for the weekend! We don’t have anything specific planned, I know we’ll be working on some house stuff but hopefully we will have some time to relax and maybe spend some time with our friends. Before we get to that, time for some Friday Favorites – I hope all of them spread a little happiness for you!

I still can’t believe all the terrible things that have happened in Orlando this last week. When I was scrolling through the news, I saw this article on Buzzfeed about one of the survivors who was able to meet the police officer who pulled him out. It’s nice to see people showing love for each other after terrible events like these.

My friend Tara posted a photo on her Instagram this week about Emily Giffin’s newest book, First Comes Love. I didn’t know that she had a new book coming out, so I was super excited to see this! It immediately went on my Amazon Wish List for when it comes out! I was a little disappointed in Emily Giffin’s last book, The One and Only, so I’m hoping it’s more like her other books and less like that one!

I sometimes get sucked into clips on EllenTube (and on YouTube) before bed and I seriously couldn’t stop smiling at this one. I love Dax, Kristen, Ashton and Mila and I just thought this clip was adorable and super funny.

And because I’m a giant sucker for stuff like this, this video of kids saying what they loved about their dad’s gave me all the feels. It was so cute and I can’t even imagine what it would feel like as a parent to hear your kid saying those things.

And just to make sure my dad knows what I love about him, here are a few things about my dad. I love that he gets choked up at sports movies and commercials (like me!). I love that he will always make me laugh. I love all his crazy sayings. I love that he is a good person who will always help someone out. I love that he taught me to be a good person, to work hard and to never give up. I love that he is always there with a hug and never forgets to tell me (and my mom and siblings) that he loves us. Don’t forget to tell your dad what you love about him!

What has your dad taught you? Are there any books you are excited about reading? Do you get sucked into random online videos?

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