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I’ve been sitting on some news for awhile now until I really felt ready to share it. No, I’m not pregnant. But Lane and I are expanding – we are building a house!  We have the lot to build on but nothing has been started yet. We listed our house just before we left for the Utah Marathon and within 10 days it had sold! Everything has moved so quickly!

I’ve mentioned that Lane and I have been working on some house projects, and many of those have been related to moving. We are temporarily moving in with my parents who live about a mile from us and our new house will be literally less than a three minute walk from my brother, sister-in-law and their kids, which will be really nice! We currently have about half of our house already moved or boxed and ready to go. I’m going a little crazy because nothing in my house feels like it is in order right now!

We are going to be out of our house by this weekend with our closing a bit later this month.  Everything has gone smoothly so far and another long evening of moving thing should have us out of our house. I’ve come to the conclusion that 1) I would sell nearly anything that I own, 2) the big things are hard to move but the small stuff is a much bigger pain and 3) I don’t want to move ever again. And of course, this has been one of the hottest weeks this summer so far!

We weren’t really looking to sell our house, or even to build a house, but everything kind of fell into place without our trying. We want to have a family at some point and figured that before we have any kids would be a better time than after we have kids and then we found the lot around the corner from my brother, my dad is just wrapping up a few projects so he will be able to build our house for us (with us? we fully intend to be part of the building process). We found a house plan that we liked alot and Lane was able to make modifications to it to really suit our needs. And what I’m most excited about…I get a home gym! I can’t tell you how pumped I am to have all of our fitness equipment in one room and to have more floor space to do yoga or to do strength training without having to move anything out of the way – our current space is completely functional, just small.

So that’s my news. It’s an exciting time for us and I am excited to finally be able to share it with all of you! I would also like to thank my parents for letting us move in with them (and let us move all our stuff in with them!), my brother and his family for helping us anytime we have asked and our niece and nephews who have happily carried anything into or out of the house without complaining. And anyone else I am forgetting, thank you all!

Would you ever build your own home? Ever lived with your parents after living on your own? Does anyone actually enjoy moving?

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  • So exciting! Congratulations! I have never personally built my own house, but lived through the process when my parents were building our vacation home. I love moving because it gives me a chance to purge all of my stuff… I always find staying in one place allows me to keep all these unnecessary items and when I have to move them, suddenly I’m not so attached any more! Haha.

  • CONGRATULATIONS, Sarah! This is awesome!! I’ve never built a home, but my folks did when I was in the sixth grade; it was great being able to pick out everything and I know my mom was never happier than when she had all the little touches she’d always wanted. The moving, though…don’t get me started. You know we’re moving at the end of the month (why is it getting here so quickly??) and I’m ready to throw everything away. I’m serious. You’re so right, too…I’d much rather move large things than small ones; where/how am I supposed to pack this crap? Why do I not remember how I packed it up last time (we just moved into an apartment from our old house 4 years ago)? Ahhh…woo sahhhh…we will make it, Sarah. 🙂

    • I’ve been so excited to tell you since you are going through the whole moving process now too! I could throw out or sell 90% of what I own if it meant I didn’t have to pack it up and move it. I can see the end at least! Good luck with your move, it will be here before you know it!!

    • Glad I’m not the only one!! I get along with my parents and they are pretty laid back so I don’t foresee an issue but it will be different for sure!!

  • This is so exciting!!!!
    Moving is definitely stressful. We sold our last house much faster than anticipated, moved into a condo (with furniture in storage), and we built our current house. It wasn’t idea, but worked out for the best!

  • That is so exciting!! Thomas and I have started house hunting.. we are just renting right now, but we wanted to wait until after the wedding to buy a house. Building is always an option if we don’t find something!

    • We bought just before we got married too, made more sense for us than renting since we knew we would be in the area for awhile! Good luck finding what you’re looking for!

  • This is so exciting! Wow! And to think… you get to design a place exactly the way you two want it- that’s pretty amazing! Good luck to you all as you start this new chapter!

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