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Happy Thursday! I’m not sure what day today feels like, probably mostly like Wednesday, so I guess we’ll consider that a good thing! I love holidays and long weekends, but it really throws me off for the rest of the week. Anyone else? Since I’m feeling a bit off my game and scattered this week, it’s the perfect time for some thinking out loud!

Did anyone else celebrate global running day yesterday? Lane and I didn’t have time to do very much, but we did go out after work and ran a mile together! It’s nice when we have the change to run together, it doesn’t happen very often! We got in a mile each, and something is better than nothing, right?!

I ran across this the other day on Huffington Post and thought it was hilarious. It’s tweets about marriage, but most could apply to any relationship! They are good for a laugh if you’re needing one today!

The new season of The Bachelorette has started! I really liked JoJo last season and was glad she was selected as the new Bachelorette. It looks like it’s going to be an interesting season! I’m behind in my watching, but so far it seems like Chad is insane (and has some anger management issues) and I’m not sure yet if I like Jordan or not. I reserve the right to hold off on any decision until a few more episodes in.

I’m always amazed when I watch marathons are those people who use crutches, a wheelchair or handcycle, etc. but this story is incredible. This guy was born without arms or legs and crossed the finish line of a marathon. Amazing.

I’m not a parent, but I feel like the concept is the same whether you’re talking about parenting or anything. Just like saying if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all, if you have something nice to say, say it! People hear bad things all the time, so if someone is doing something right, give them props! This article was a really great example of how saying one nice thing can really impact someone.

Ok, so I’ve mentioned before how I’m on a quest for shoes that are dressy enough to wear for work, have some arch support but don’t look like an orthotic. I thought I’d found a winner with the Fitflops, but even though I like the way they look online, when I got them, they look like an orthotic. Sent back. So I was chatting with Susan one day and she mentioned a pair of Olukai shoes that she was going to order, so I checked out their site and they had so many cute options! I ended up getting two pairs – one more casual pair and one that I can wear to work. I’m in love with both of them and I even ordered a pair of sandals to wear for the summer! I’m really wanting to pare down my clothes and shoes so I have what I will actually use and not things that I might wear once a year, if that. So yes, you could say I’m obsessed with all things Olukai. I think even Lane might be jumping on board with that too!

I’m so excited for Me Before You to be in theatres this weekend! I loved the book so much and I cried my way through the trailer for the movie, so I feel like the movie itself will be the same way, but I’m super excited to watch it. I’ve already warned Lane that I MUST go see it this weekend!

Any movies coming out soon that you are excited about seeing? Any other shoes I should try that would work for work but have a good arch support? Do you make an effort to give people compliments when you see them doing good things?

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  • Wow that’s an amazing story about that man completing the marathon. It really teaches you to never give up. I am looking forward to seeing Finding Dory in the theaters next month. Last weekend I saw Alice through the Looking Glass and enjoyed that too.

  • Okay, so that guy on the skateboard doing a marathon.. I can’t I have too many hormones for that ish. As for the bachelorette, a guy I went to high school with was on this season (Will – he’s actually a totally normal guy from what I remember, and I’m pretty sure he did it as a joke, ha!) and I’m friends with him on FB. He posts “inside info” (more like his opinion) and apparently Chad really is a tool. haha

    • That’s cool you know someone on the show! I have a friend that got asked to do it, which was crazy! Lol…glad to know they didn’t just unfairly edit Chad that way!

  • Oh man. Seeing people do incredible things like that really makes you stop and think about how much you (general you) could accomplish yourself if you really set your mind to it. That’s amazing. And this movie isn’t exactly coming out “soon,” but I can’t wait for it anyways… Beauty and the Beast 😀

  • Oh! I love Olukai!! I bought a pair of sandals on a whim last summer and they quickly turned into my favorites. The obsession is real! 😉 We definitely need to have Bachelorette chat — even my 9yo was laughing the other night at Chad and his stress-eating issues. (I didn’t know my son knew that was a thing, so that made it even funnier!!) Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

    • I had a pair of Olukais that I’ve had for a couple years and I still wear them, I’d forgotten all about checking out olukai when I was looking until Susan mentioned it! Ha! That’s so funny that your son is getting a kick out of the bachelorette too! Have a great weekend Cathy!

  • Sarah, I’ve GOT TO GET CAUGHT UP on The Bachelorette! I still haven’t watched Monday night’s episode!! Me Before You is such an amazing novel; I hope the film is a good representation!! I don’t want to ruin a perfectly good book – hahaha!

    • I need to get caught up! Then you, Cathy and I need a group chat on the show! I hope the film isn’t terrible, that’s always my fear when it’s a book I really loved!

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