Productive Days, Relaxing Nights

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a restful, relaxing weekend all the Fathers out there had a wonderful Father’s Day! We had a great weekend. It was the perfect mix of productive and relaxing. The perfect way to start the new week!

Friday night after work the first thing I did was spend some time brushing Sam. It’s been so warm lately that he’s been shedding his winter coat like crazy lately. I only spent a few minutes doing it and it looks like I had another small animal!

Fur Ball-1

After spending a little time with Sam, we headed straight to the new house to work on flooring. Lane’s goal was to get the flooring completed – we had the office, hall and our master bedroom. I was skeptical that we’d finish it by the end of the weekend since it can be a slow process, but we were going to do our best. We called it a night around 10:15, we got through about ¾ of the office before we left. Lane and my brother do 95% of the work, I just bring in the floorboards and arrange them by size so it is easy for them to find the right piece to fit.

We had some crazy storms on Friday night too! I love the sound and smell of rain so I really enjoyed it. It did get pretty windy and crazy for awhile though; it happened to be right when we had left the house to get dinner so we were able to watch most of the storm.


Saturday morning we slept in. I love Saturday mornings because it is one of the few days that I can usually sleep in. I am still usually up by 7 but I slept until almost 9 this weekend! I felt so good when I got up! Right after we got around we headed right back to the house. We got started there around 10 and we worked straight through until about 6pm. We didn’t even leave for lunch, we took about a ten minute break to eat the lunch we had delivered to the house. We did manage to get everything finished. I couldn’t believe that we finished it this weekend at all, let alone so early on Saturday.

Putting in the last piece of flooring!

Putting in the last piece of flooring!

We were so tired by the time we got home on Saturday night Lane and I decided to call it an early night. After dinner, Lane decided it was a good night for froyo, so we went and picked that up and ate it while watching Gilmore Girls. We have officially finished four seasons and Lane finally knows that Luke and Lorelai get together!


Sunday morning Lane and I were up by 7 because we had a photo shoot planned for the morning. It’s been so hot during the day that the mornings are the only time to do things outside! The shoot was for a friend and it was so much fun and Lane got some great photos.

Goofing off while waiting for breakfast!

Goofing off while waiting for breakfast!

After we were done with photos, we went to my brother’s house for a big Father’s Day breakfast. My sister-in-law is an exceptional cook and everything was delicious! We also found out it is going to be hot in Hays this week!

Hot in Hays-1

700 degrees is a little too warm for me!

My day was all sorts of off schedule so we left breakfast a little early so I could go home to run. It was obviously a treadmill day since it was already almost noon and it was far too hot to go outside. I was able to run 15 miles. The run was good, my legs felt fresh but mentally it was tough. I was just glad to get in that long of a run with as few miles as I’ve been running lately!

It was already late in the afternoon when I finished running, so I spent some time foam rolling while watching Flashpoint. I’m super annoyed that Netflix is taking it away in July so now I feel like I need to finish watching the last two seasons before the end of the month!

We did a relaxed dinner with my parents then called it a night. I got in a few more episodes of Flashpoint before bed and then did some reading before I went to sleep.

Has Netflix gotten rid of any of your favorite shows? Did you do anything fun over the weekend? Do you enjoy having productive weekends, lazy weekends or a combination of both?

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  • This weekend was a little crazy with a funeral, but we just stuck around home for Father’s Day which was nice. I’m thinking about signing up for the KC half marathon in October but I’m still a little nervous about that hip. It’s hard for me to forget about working for my time goal but maybe this just isn’t the year.

    • I’m sorry you had a funeral this weekend! If your hip is giving you issues you should get that healed up first! Let me know what you decide to do!

  • The house is looking awesome!! And I’m a little jealous of your rain. It all fell apart before it got to us — I think we got a sprinkle, hardly enough to cool anything off! Ha! Hope you’re having an awesome week!

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