Not the Way I’d Normally End the Weekend

Happy Monday – and Happy Birthday to my nephew! I hope everyone had a great weekend! It was hot here, I’m not prepared for the heat yet! It takes my breath away every time I walk outside! We had a good weekend overall and I’m ready for the week ahead! We’ve got lots of exciting things coming up!

Happy Birthday to this little dude!

Happy Birthday to this little dude!

Friday after work we went to the house. We have one huge cabinet that needed to get moved into the house and stained so we can get it set up. It was a fairly early night, after getting it moved and stained, we went back to the house and I spent alot of time foam rolling while we watched some Person of Interest. I have to say, foam rolling has never felt so good as it does after a night working at the house. It’s more of a workout than marathon training!

Saturday morning Lane and I started our day with some laundry. Exciting start to the day, right? After that we went to Starbucks for a quick breakfast because we had plans for shortly after that. When we were ordering at Starbucks, Larry and Judy walked up right behind us! We haven’t seen them since Judy’s retirement, so it was nice to sit and chat with them for awhile.

After our impromptu breakfast with Larry and Judy, we headed to our local air show! We were meeting my brother and his family to check out the planes. There were several really cool planes there, including a B-25 bomber. We ran into another friend while we were there, which was another nice treat for the morning!

Once we left the air show, we headed to the house. It was nice to have the morning off, but it was good to get to work and start checking things off our list again. I got to work on more staining and Matt and Lane got to work on our floors and my dad started putting fans in. We got quite a bit of flooring put in, which is exciting to see since it makes the rooms look so much more finished. We got our carpet ordered for the basement too! One more thing to check off the list!


After we got home, we basically immediately went to bed and we shared a big bowl of fruit and watched some Bones. Are you seeing a theme here with our usual weekends?

Saturday Relaxin-1

Sunday morning was not what I was expecting. I woke up at 4:30 and didn’t feel well. I was up for a bit, then fell back asleep. I was up again at 7 still not feeling well. I had planned to get in a long run, it would have been my first run or workout this week. I sat around for a bit, watched a few episodes of Flashpoint, read a bit, caught up on some work and had some tea. I had two pieces of bread, it was about all my stomach could handle. Lane headed to start work on the house while stayed and rested a bit.

I eventually was able to go for a short walk on the treadmill. More to test out my stomach and see if it could handle moving around and hopefully going to the house to work. Three miles went pretty well and I’m glad I was able to do a little bit, even if it wasn’t what I’d planned.

When I was done walking Lane and I went to the house to get a few small projects done. We didn’t get a bunch done but we got several things prepped to get some big projects done this week. It keeps getting closer to the finish!

I did manage to kneel in some stain and get stain sploches down my leg.

I did manage to kneel in some stain and get stain sploches down my leg. I also have no idea how I got stain that high up on my knee. I wasn’t laying on the floor!

I wasn’t feeling very good still while we were at the house so Lane sent me home early. I ended up in bed by about 5pm and watched a few more episodes of Flashpoint, then Susan and I were able to FaceTime for a bit. We have a regularly scheduled FaceTime call every Sunday so that we are able to chat at least once a week. We text or email nearly everyday anyway, but it’s nice to see her face more often!

The rest of my evening was spent relaxing in bed with (several) cups of tea and alternating between reading and watching Flashpoint. When Lane got home he brought me some sprite and saltines – something easy on my stomach! Definitely not my most productive day, but not feeling well did force me to relax for a day, which was nice.

Do you think that fate forces us to slow down when we don’t do it by choice? Do you usually end up spending many of your days in very similar ways or are your days vastly different? What do you end up doing when you’re sick?

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  • I definitely think that our bodies force rest, when they really need it; I can always tell when I haven’t been getting enough sleep, or when I have lots going on, because my throat hurts and I start getting headaches…ugh. I’m *sort of* glad that you were forced to get some rest; it sucks to feel poorly, but I hope your body feels a little better after the break! Um, I’m a pretty routine (maybe to a fault?) person, so my days do usually look pretty much the same; I like it that way! I hope you’re feeling better soon, Sarah!

    • Definitely feeling better but not 100% yet. I agree, sometimes we are forced to take a reset time to get back to our normal state. Have a great week Tara!

  • I think our bodies always tell us what we need it’s often just a matter of listening. I thrive on routine, so I’m real boring like that. Lol. It’s so exciting when you are in the middle of a house project and things start coming together. Your floors look great!

    • I’m with you with routines! I like things just so and so routine works well for me! Thanks! We are excited to see all the little things start to take shape!!

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