Indulgences, Time Together and Packing

Today is my Friday! Thursdays are usually a good day to begin with, but when it’s the last day before a long weekend, it’s even better! I love Thinking Out Loud days since I don’t have to come up with one coherent thought, but I’m even more prepared for lots of random thoughts this week!

I’m not a fan of packing. I’m a good packer, I just don’t like doing it. I usually end up throwing in a few things, getting distracted by something else, then coming back to packing while later. Then doing the same thing over and over again. Eventually I finish packing, but it is usually around 1am when I need to be up extra early, never when I can sleep in! The weird thing, I usually end up taking the same things when I travel, so this should be an extra easy process.

I finished Flashpoint before Netflix takes it away from me. I’ve actually seen the last season, but after watching from the beginning I felt like I needed to go through until the end. It was interesting though, watching from the beginning actually made me really love one of the characters that wasn’t one of my favorites before. In case you still want to check it out, Hulu still has all seasons of the show. 🙂

One of my favorite people was out of town last weekend and was at a Trader Joe’s and he got me two containers of dark chocolate peanut butter cups! I don’t think I can adequately express how excited I was to get them! Now I just have to ration them out so they last! And hide them from Lane so there are more for me!

PB Cups-1

Lane and I got to take family photos or some of our friends last night! We’ve hardly seen our friends recently, so it was a really nice excuse to spend some time together. Then when we got home, I got to FaceTime with Susan for awhile, which is always fun. We’ve finally been much better about doing regular calls!

I saw this video on Buzzfeed, which then lead me down the rabbit hole of Buzzfeed videos. I just think it’s funny to watch guys do something that women deal with everyday.

I was so sad to see that Pat Summitt passed away this week. She was an incredible coach and a pretty amazing human being. It is sad to see someone like her pass so young. I knew she had an incredible record as a coach, but I didn’t know that she was the winningest coach in NCAA history – men’s and women’s. There are alot of amazing coaches in the NCAA, so that is impressive.

And just because it is adorable and it makes me happy, this video:

Are you good about keeping in touch with friends who live far away?  What is your favorite food from Trader Joe’s? Has Netflix taken away any of your favorite shows? Are you a good packer?

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