How Many Is Too Many and Saying Goodbye

Since I always struggle with coming up with intros for random posts, I’m basically just going to skip it all together today and just go right into some thinking out loud!

So I ordered my favorite Lululemon shirt in pink yesterday. I now have it in five colors. I immediately felt guilt about ordering it because I definitely don’t NEED it, but I do love it and I will wear the heck out of it, so I’m trying to stop feeling guilty about it. So how many can I get before it is officially too many? Can  you tell that I love it?

Speaking of shopping, I think I’m going to bite the bullet and try new running shoes. My friend Cecilia just did a post about switching to Hokas from her beloved Mizunos and I have to say I totally understand when she says she felt like she was breaking up with her running shoes! I have run in the Nimbus since 2006. And even though I don’t love the changes they’ve made for the 17s and 18s, I still feel like I need to stick with them. But I have no idea what to try!? I’ve heard that the Brooks Glycerin and Saucony Triumph are similar so do I go with them? Try something totally different like Hokas or Altras? Help! Since Lane and I are going to Denver in a few weeks, I think I’ll go to Boulder Running Co. and try some on there. Better than ordering a million shoes and sending most back!

I just started laser hair removal on my legs. For as long as I can remember I’ve always gotten these red bumps on my legs. It was never right after I shaved, so I don’t think it was irritation from that, I’ve never had issues with lotion or shaving cream so I don’t think it is a sensitivity of any kind. The only thing I can figure out is that it’s when the hair starts to grow back. Fingers crossed that this works! I have always hated wearing shorts in the summer (well, anytime, but that’s about the only time I’d wear shorts outside my house!) because of the bumps on my legs. Hopefully I’ll be able to get over that this summer!

The little red spots are where the laser hit a follicle!

The little red spots are where the laser hit a follicle!

My sisters dog Millie passed away this week. I think it hit my whole family because it was so unexpected and we all really loved her. She was a Scottie and even though she was a tiny dog, she definitely ruled the roost. My sister also has Golden Retrievers and it was always clear to everyone who was in charge. And Millie was a better retriever than any dog I’ve ever seen. Anytime someone came in the house, she’d pick up her ball and drop it close to your feet. If you didn’t start to play with her, she would pick it up again and drop it closer to your feet. Sometimes if you were sitting down, she’d go so far as to jump into your lap and drop the ball. She knew how to get your attention! And she never got tired of playing fetch! She would play for hours if someone would throw the ball that long!

Our local university is sending both their men’s and women’s teams to the NCAA Division II basketball tourney! One of our good friend’s husband is the coach of the men’s team, so we are cheering hard that they win their next game(s)! Good luck to all the teams playing!

And since I’m a big basketball fan I have to mention that I’m super excited for the Big 12 tournament! It started on Wednesday night and Lane’s team (K-State) got a win, which means that our teams our playing each other (University of Kansas) tonight! We will probably be watching in separate rooms.

Do you ever feel guilty for spending money on things that aren’t a necessity? Any running shoe suggestions? Who else loves college basketball?

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  • I’ve always wondered about laser removal and I’ll be interested to hear about your thoughts! That is awesome that you are such a big fan of basketball!

    • I did it on my underarms and it worked really well, that’s why I decided to go for it on my legs. It works best on people with dark hair since the laser targets pigment. I don’t think it is painful at all, but I guess that is person to person!

  • I used to feel pretty guilty for spending money on things that seemed frivolous to me at the time, but somewhere along the way I realized that I was only buying things I loved and used all the time, and that I deserved to treat myself to them. We all have our things and we all deserve ’em, so ENJOY your shirt!! 😀

    • I know I need to get over feeling guilty about it, I will definitely use it! We all deserve to treat ourselves on occasion! Have a great weekend Amanda!

  • Sorry to hear about your sister’s dog. Our dog is getting older and it’s going to be so sad when she goes.

    I’m currently running in Brooks Ghost 7s but need to replace them soon. I really struggle when trying the choose a new pair of running shoes. I’ll be reading lots of reviews before I commit to a different pair!

    • Pets are definitely like family members, so it is always a tough loss. Just be sure to give your dog extra love! Shoes are so hard because it is so personalized. Even a pair of shoes that ‘should’ work for you sometimes just don’t quite fit right!

  • YES, I do feel guilty for spending money on necessities, but I have to remind myself that God gave the money to me, and it’s okay to enjoy and be grateful for His gifts. <3 Oh, and saying goodbye to 2 of our dogs last year was really hard. 🙁

    • It is ok to enjoy the things we have been blessed with! Thank you for that reminder! Two dogs in one year?? That would be terrible! Have a great weekend Emily!

  • I’m so sorry about Millie!! Our oldest dog is 14 and I can’t imagine how I’ll feel when that day comes. Thank you for the shout out! It’s so hard breaking up with what you know, but I’m really loving my Hokas. I hope if you try something else you’ll feel the same love!

  • I used to run in Asics and swear by them. I am almost exclusively in Brooks now. I couldn’t have asked for a better change. They are everything I need/want in a shoe.
    Dogs are the best! They are so fun and always leave such good memories!!

    • I’ve been wanting to try Brooks for awhile but without trying them on first, I hate to go ordering a bunch! We definitely have some great memories with Millie! Have a great weekend Staci!

  • New shoes are hard. I am going tonight to get my gait tested tonight because I feel like something may have shifted. I ran in the Glycerins this morning. They are great shoes, but the Ghost model is bouncier and more cushioned IMO. I really want to try some Hokas too. I am so sorry about Millie. Pets become family members and I’m sorry you had to say goodbye.

    • What did you find out with your gait analysis?? I’ve always wanted to get that done but we don’t have anywhere local to do it! Pets definitely become part of the family! Have a great weekend Alaina!

  • Do you ever feel guilty about loving KU so much? Seriously, I know you don’t, but why, why, why must KU & K-State ALWAYS play each other so early in the tournament? Ok, I know the answer to that one too –because KU is always at the top and we’re always somewhere near the bottom. I’m hoping for a change in that structure sometime soon. 🙂

    • Um…no, no guilt 🙂 Yeah, I don’t know why KU and KSU always end up playing early in the tourney, I’d prefer it if they didn’t. I would love it if it was a better game! I would love it if it was a game at all in football! But I will never complain about a win! Rock Chalk! 😉

  • Rock chalk jayhawk! Alumna here!

    I’m thinking about trying hokas. There are a few store sponsored runs occasionally where you can try out a pair and I’m thinking about doing that. Usually run in mizunos.

    • Another win tonight! There are so many good shoes out there, it’s just a matter of finding what is right for you! Have a great weekend Michelle!

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