Friday Favorites

I haven’t done a Friday Favorites post in a long time and because I love Fridays I wanted to share some things that I’m loving this week!

We have been having crazy weather recently. Tons of storms, fortunately nothing too terrible in our area, but all the weather has made for some really pretty clouds! I took the photo above yesterday evening and the one below a week or so ago!

Storm Clouds-1

There is a title for the new episodes of Gilmore Girls! Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will be what the four new episodes are called. I am so excited for them to come out, but I’m also hoping it won’t be until fall/winter for them because Lane and I need to catch up on the rest of the season that he hasn’t seen (and I haven’t seen in a long time!)

I love the new Oiselle graphic tees! I definitely do not need a new shirt, but they are so cute! My favorite is the running is elemental shirt!

And because you know I love a feel good story, here’s a good one about a teen repaying a debt that wasn’t his. I love seeing positivity and people doing good things instead of the other end of the spectrum.

I just saw last night that Kara Goucher isn’t going to try to qualify for the Olympics in the 10,000, she’s going to focus on a fall marathon instead. I’m sad that she won’t be at the Olympics, but excited to see what she can do this fall!

What are your favorites from this week? Who are you most looking forward to seeing at the Olympics or Olympic Trials? Are you having crazy weather in your area too?

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  • This weather has been nuts! So glad I didn’t plan an outside party for my girls- it was hailing during their indoor playplace party yesterday. I hope we aren’t stuck inside during the entire holiday weekend!

    • We have more storms going on now! It’s hard to plan outdoor parties in Kansas! It’s either too windy or it randomly storms! Glad you planned something indoor!

  • Um, yeah…my dream was to have Kara show up in Eugene so that we could celebrate our birthdays together (we share the same birthday) at the end of the Trials…oh, well. HA! I’m glad she’s made the smart move to do what’s best for her, right now; after all she’s been through, she deserves it!

    • That would be my dream too, except after the celebrating your birthday part I would have added “and then we become best friends!”

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