Birthdays and Storms Make for an Exciting Weekend!

Happy Monday! The theme of our weekend was birthdays and storms! I heard on Sunday that we had somewhere between and inch and a half and two inches of rain on Saturday, it was crazy! I’m excited for this week because it is a short week for me and thanks to the Fourth of July, it will be an extra long weekend! Before I jump the gun on next weekend, it is time for the weekend recap!

Friday night after work we spent a couple hours at the house. No big projects got finished up, but we did get most of the baseboards put in. We called it a night early and when we got home, Lane and I both just watched a few shows before calling it a night.

Saturday morning is our sleep in day. I was up around 7 but stayed in bed and dozed on and off until around 9. It was fantastic. Lane was still asleep when I got up, so I made a cup of hot tea and read for a bit until he got up. I don’t like to wake Lane up early if I don’t have to and I love my quiet mornings, so a big cup of hot tea and a book was just the way to start the day.

Once Lane was up, we headed over to the house. We had plans for the afternoon, so we knew it was going to be a relatively short work day. We got the remainder of the baseboards put in, some of the appliances set in place and we got alot of stuff cleaned up. Then we hit up Home Depot to pick out shower tile and a few odds and ends. It may not seem like alot, but the day felt accomplished.

We had storm clouds rolling in all afternoon and random thunder and lightning all day. My niece and nephews were supposed to have their combined pool party Saturday afternoon, but because of the storms, it got moved to their house instead. Shortly before we left to go to the party, the skies opened up and it started pouring. It rained on and off the rest of the evening.

On our way to the party

On our way to the party

This is what it looked like after we left! It was lighter when we left the party than when we went there!

This is what it looked like after we left! It was lighter when we left the party than when we went there!

Before we left for the party, I was telling Lane I didn’t want to have to shower before and after the party and he asked why I’d need to again after the party. I said, “don’t you get sweaty playing with all the kids?” and he looked at me weird and said no. I gave him a look and told him he must not be doing it right then. For some reason he found it hilarious.

We enjoyed the party with family, Lane and my nephew helped grill hot dogs for everyone, ate way too much birthday cake and enjoyed everyone’s company. I ended up getting pummelled by all the little kids in a pillow fight. It was pretty hilarious. The kids all had fun and I didn’t even break a sweat while I was playing with them. (I did still take a shower after though).


I’m under there somewhere!


Sunday morning I was looking forward to my long run. Lane ran first while I watched an episode of Flashpoint. I figured he could get to the house while I was running instead of waiting a few hours until I was done. I “only” ran ten miles. It’s amazing how your perspective on what a long run is changes when you train for a marathon! I spent quite a bit of time with the foam roller after the run, there is nothing better than foam rolling after a long run. The run was really good and since I’d told everyone I’d make dinner for a change, I didn’t even go to the house on Sunday! A first!

Ten mile run followed by some quality time with the foam roller. Love my long run days! #lovethelongrun

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After dinner with my parents (homemade spaghetti sauce and a huge salad), Lane and I ran a few errands, then were back home to relax before we start the week! I only have a week left to finish watching Flashpoint! I’m still mad at Netflix for taking it away!

I couldn't even get the lid on the salad bowl!

I couldn’t even get the lid on the salad bowl!

I’m excited for a productive week ahead and then some time to relax on the holiday weekend! I’ve got several projects for the week and I’m excited to check them off my to do list! I hope everyone has a great week ahead!

Do you break a sweat when you’re playing with kids or am I the one doing it wrong? Do you get excited to check things off your to do list? What was the last thing you cooked at home?

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  • What a fun weekend! That salad looks amazing. I get super excited about checking things off my to do list each day – even if it’s something little. I like seeing the progress I’m making each day (plus I feel more organized)! I made an amazing dinner of garlic shrimp and zoodles the other night.. my garden is starting to have zucchini! Hooray! It was so good. And easy — right up my alley! ha! Hope you have an awesome week!!

    • I love zucchini! I need to try zoodles, I did it once and pretty sure I screwed something up because mine didn’t turn out like other people’s look! Sometimes I have things on my to do list that I know I’ll check off each week just so on days when I get very little done, at least I can check something off! Have a great week Cathy!!

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