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Hi! I am Sarah! I have been running competitively since I was in second grade.  I only started running because my best friend at the time was part of our town running club and if I was too, we’d get to spend more time hanging out!  Turns out I was pretty decent at it and I continued running both track and cross country in high school.  When I graduated high school in 2003, I gave myself a goal of having completed a marathon within five years.  In October 2006, I ran the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. Crossing the finish line was amazing, it was a huge accomplishment and I was so proud.  I was also DONE. No more marathons for me!


Now, 30+ marathons total, I can say that I was NOT done.  I took time off after the first one (it’s called burnout), then got the itch to start again and ran my second in December of 2007 – the Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas Marathon.  I have trained consistently since then and my current goal is to run a marathon in all 50 states.

I have many interests outside of running.  I am an avid reader and am usually reading at least one book at all times (sometimes I have more than one book going at the same time).  We are huge movie buffs and have a movie collection that is threatening to make us move to a larger home. I love to cook and bake. Baking bread is one of my favorite things to do – a love that was passed to me from my grandmother.

Some favorites from my running mix:

Running has done so much for my life.  It perks me up when I’m in a bad mood.  It allows me to travel the world and see things I’ve never seen before. It (indirectly) introduced me to the other love of my life, my husband Lane. He has been my constant companion and support since 2009. Every once in a while you may see guest posts by Lane. He has been running consistently since 2007 and as a certified personal trainer, he has helped train me since we started dating in 2009. When we took our first trip together in 2009 to the Boston Marathon, he was hooked on the experience. The atmosphere was something he instantly fell in love with and has been to the majority of races with me since. During the time we had no idea that trip to Boston would be the first of many. This is our story.

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